Timber Feature Walls: Product Spotlight

Timber Feature Wall Ideas

Make your timber feature wall idea a reality

Slits of sunlight, a cool breeze, an incredible look. The panels and gaps in a timber feature wall allow nature and built form to intermingle like nothing else.

Want to include a timber feature wall in your next project? The ideas and the opportunities are endless. Look no further than this Mediterranean home to see how far you can push the envelope.

Created by architects Vincent Coste and Bruno Fléchet, this one story home uses red cedar timber panelling to create blurring of the line between nature and architecture.

Timber panelled ceilings over walkways, hefty sliding timber doors, and of course timber feature walls all work in harmony, delivering a stunning visual impact and taking advantage of the home’s coastal location.

Austratus is an easy, affordable way to add wooden feature walls and a touch of luxury to any design. Whether it’s a residential home, like this one, or a commercial space: reception areas, cafes, beauty spas – timber adds depth and warmth to any design. Austratus can be used as timber feature wall panels and is available in Western Red Cedar and Hemlock. Premium in look, easy to work with, effective at fitting into a budget, both these timber species are world renowned for architectural projects.

To add to this, Austratus offer a versatility of styles. Available in fin, flat and fin combo profiles, you can achieve any creative vision you desire.


Fin profile

For depth and dimension, choose the classic fin profile. Available in a square and tapered panelling (V-Fin), the small, angular profile of fin is perfect for an internal timber feature wall. If you decide to use Western Red Cedar, feature walls (amongst the various other applications Austratus is perfect for, such as suspended timber ceilings) can be installed in external areas of a building, bringing further synergism between indoor and outdoor spaces.

It's easy to see why the Fin profile is one of the most popular Austratus products, having seen it installed in many, many applications and in a wide range of colours, the Fin profile is an all-rounder, suitable for almost any building and application.


Flat profile

Have a timber feature wall idea that involves achieving that classic Australian weatherboard look? Try the Austratus flat profile. The broad surface allows the timber’s natural tones and textures to speak for themselves, while also lending itself well to coated finishes.

Flat profiled wood panel feature walls can be used to great effect in media rooms, grand reception rooms and dining rooms. We have even mixed the flat profile with the fin profile to create a multi-textured, multifaceted look. The Flat profile comes with uniform spacing "out of the box", however we have had architects and designers create their own variations, like the one in the image above, bringing even more versatility to the product.


Fin Combo

Searching for an internal timber feature wall that really stands out? Go for the 3D effect of the fin combo! With Austratus, you can interchange different profiles and sized panels (in three combinations), creating a natural textured wave like effect. Consider how stunning this wooden feature wall would be applied to a curved or rounded surface – double the impact!

Have a timber feature wall project to get started on?

Austratus is versatile in its application, as well as being the easiest to install timber wall or ceilings system ever made. Check out our Caloundra office fit-out for how stunning timber can look as a feature! If you’re ready to get started, don’t delay. We can help – contact us via our website or call us on 1800 156 455