Crown Currency Exchange

Head Contractor: Robertson Commercial Joinery Pty Ltd

Products Used: Victorian Ash, Clear Satin

About the project

Crown Currency Exchange kiosks are the easy and convenient way to exchange currency for visitors on holiday in Australia or locals taking an overseas trip. They buy and sell over 80 currencies, and have grown from one shop in Surfer’s Paradise to having a presence in major shopping centres across Queensland and Australia. A new kiosk in the Westfield Miranda called for a striking fitout that caught attention and looked as seamless as their customer experience.


The Austratus Difference

The advantage of working with Austratus is the total flexibility to create any profile you choose. We were pleased to partner with Robertson Commercial Joinery Pty Ltd to create a striking curved feature wall at the Crown Currency Exchange kiosk.

The extra deep shadows of the Fin profile combined with a curved profile gave a striking visual effect, while the curve had the added benefit of creating a sense of privacy within the kiosk. Given the fact the kiosk is more exposed than a traditional shopfront and Crown Currency is constantly dealing with money, this was an important addition.

Light, bright and durable, Victorian Ash timber in clear satin finish was the final touch for this project. The client was impressed with the resulting look and importantly for any builder, Austratus’ ease of use.